Sunday, July 6, 2008

Is it safe to say, I'm afraid? I find myself stuck in this insane world of excitement and down right fear. There is so much ahead of my it's a bit overwhelming. I have colleges to look at, and ones that I would really like to visit. I feel so ashamed asking my parents to visit the places, since most of them are out of state. I fear the place won't be what I thought it was when I went on there. I definitely am frightened of the unknown. It's such an insecure feeling. 

On the other hand I am filled with excitement. There is one year left! A little less than a year from now I will be walking towards my diploma. It's a strange feeling. I'm almost in denial. Less than a year from now I will know where I am going, and what lies ahead of me.

It's weird being stuck between these two emotions.

So past my thoughts and on to the facts. I am planning on double majoring in film directing and music composition. Here is my list of schools (in no particular order):

Bard C
Bennington C
Boston U
Brown U
Chapman U
Columbia U
Gettysburg C
Ithaca C
McGill U
Middlebury C
Penn State U Park
Syracuse U
U Alberta
UC Davis
Miami U

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