Friday, July 31, 2009

It's a peculiar feeling watching as you struggle to strengthen friendships before leaving, as one friend resists this. I do not understand why she is distancing herself from me. I have tried and tried to look back upon any mistakes on my part, and I can't find any correlation between the two. The only significant event is that I am moving to Boston, and if this is truly the reason I am utterly disappointed and hurt. I attempt to mend the broken ties, as she pulls them back. I'm not asking for peace anymore, rather answers. All I would like to know is why.

However, whilst I sit here and wait for the answer that seems to never present itself, I have grown a stronger bond between a friend I was meant to reconnect with. It's awe-inspiring how thing work out.

Boston is 24 days away now. I can't wait one more second! I am so excited to finally be on my own, and have already met some amazing people :]

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